CubeEdge 02

As always, Cover is made of 350g wearable light Kraft board.


Collapsible pen compartment helps people take the pen anytime and meet various using requirements.


Compared with CubeEdge 01, CubeEdge02’s bigger pen compartment is able to fit various pens after cutting the right angle for the certain pen.


Stitch binding makes every inch of paper can be used completely. Besides, the hiding stitch line is another important feature of CubeEdge 02.


The thickness of 31 pages will bring you better using experience.


100g Light wood free papers make the CubeEdge 02 to be half weight of the ordinary notebook.


The cube shape pen compartment also helps holding notebook well.


The “lq” mark is embossed on the kraft board.


Size A (24cm/9.5”long by 19cm/7.5”wide) is perfectly match with iPad. The smaller size (size B-16cm/6.25”long by 20cm/8”wide)which matches iPad-mini is also available.


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